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WotLK Hairstyles. #1 to be the Mohawk.

Has anyone else considered that the Mohawk will be introduced in the expansion as a new hairstyle choice?  We’re getting to change our hairstyles, they’ve told us that.  Will one of them be this? I’ve been seeing that Mr. T … Continue reading

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Will WoW end?

Call me a fanboi. Other’s have. I’m still liking World of Warcraft. Oh, I’ve seen the other games. I played a little of Lord of the Ring Online in the Beta. Just a little. The colors were too drab. And … Continue reading

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Everything old made new again. My little polls showing, so far, most folks that visit here and respond to polls, wished there was more 20-60 content. And more land to explore. And then some new classes, and interestingly *not* new … Continue reading

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Druids are not broken. The lonely Hunter. The world is broken. Pretty cool. 1. Last night we brought the Druids out to play. Sending some money out of the “Epic Mount for Arcarius the Old Fashioned Way: We Earn It” … Continue reading

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