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What I’d like my office view to be

My latest creation in Landmark. Somebody let their claim expire, right next to the portal, and who was walking past?  I was.  

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WoW 2.0

It’s amazing the changes wrought.  From the towns to the surroundings to the mounts. Imagine my surprise when I realized my less played Draenei Paladin now has an Elekk as his Paladin mount to ride.  One which is much, MUCH, … Continue reading

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Seeing Double

Anyone else notice something peculiar lately? I first noticed it in Dalaran, where the Flight Master at Krasus Landing had a doppelganger standing right next to him.  Or, more correctly, exactly where he was standing, noticeable only when one moved … Continue reading

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ZOMG, it’s full of stars!

Kubrick’s too subtle sometimes. But this mount, it’s not subtle. ZOMG, it’s freaking full of stars! And there’s a star in the center of the horse that’s producing more stars, from which they shoot out from, for an ever active … Continue reading

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This is amazing enough to share. It started snowing when I left work.  Just a few flakes at first.  By six or so it still wasn’t sticking.  It’s now 7:30 and we’ve got a lot of snow.  By a “lot” … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Stuffing

Oh man, am I full. We’ve got, on our plate: Mr. T’s changing the game with hand grenades. WoW’s 5th Anniversary and our Onyxian Whelplings.  Breathing smoke rings.  Many whelps.  Handle it! The Pilgrim’s Bounty event. More new characters on … Continue reading

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Who to pity?

Rogues, Turkeys, or Ikiss? Well, should we pity the rogues this week?  AHAHAHAHA.  Are you, like, kidding?  Nah. “Bang, bang.”  Just kidding. How about pitying the turkeys?  No, they’re just rogues in disguise.  Kill them all. How about the Talon … Continue reading

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