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Retesting Old Waters. I am taking up Gitr’s call to create a Blood Elf character over on the Burning Legion server. BL is a PvP server, and while I did level up Darkhoof (now Blackhoof) to 60, and Msaker and … Continue reading

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The next World of Warcraft content update, “Before the Storm,” will include the new PvP Honor System, as well as other new features that will prepare us for The Burning Crusade expansion. We are currently planning to release this content … Continue reading

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And for dessert, revenge served cold. So here was poor Darbanville, level 29 Priest. Trying to get a job done in Tarren Mill. Kill a few apprentice blacksmiths, get a shipment of iron. Well, she’d done all that. Why not … Continue reading

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Agent of the Forsaken. Life on a PvP server. Life’s not over until you’re 60. Life ends at 60 rather often. Enjoy it. Darkhoof took the night off. No doubt ruminating on some of the grasses of Mulgore, recovering from … Continue reading

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Cautionary Tale.There is a funny story associated with my new header graphic. It’s sunset in Azshara as taken from Lord Hydraxis’ island. I’d gone out to the Island in search of the Lord in order to conclude the last of … Continue reading

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Alliance to the right of them,Alliance to the left of them,Alliance in front of them,Suff’ring blades from the shadowsStorm’d at with magical hellBoldly they rode and wellInto the Molten CoreInto the mouth of HellRode the Requiem Forty. Darkhoof entered Molten … Continue reading

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