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Next Big Thing Tourist

Wildstar is merging all servers onto two new megaservers.  I liked the game, really liked the graphic style.  Especially the “manmade” look of all the natural elements on Nexus.  That nothing was randomly natural, but crafted by a higher power.  … Continue reading


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It’s time.

Once you get your hands on Rift, and just create a character, and see how well it plays DESPITE being so graphically rich and intense, you realize how OLD World of Warcraft looks. Here’s a screenshot of my level 27 Warrior. … Continue reading

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A month with Cataclysm

What have I been up to this past month with the latest expansion? Well, I’ve taken two characters to Level 85. On his own, my hunter, Arcarius, and with my wife, my warrior, Msaker.  And reaching that goal couldn’t have … Continue reading

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First week (or so) with the new expansion

The water is cool.  The underwater is very scenic.  The solutions to movement underwater very nicely done.  (We live in a magical world, after all.) So far my Hunter has gone solo and gotten to the heady heights of level … Continue reading

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Giving it away?

Usually these expansions come in 2 year cycles.  We’re base game + 2 expansions and six years.  World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King. The 6th anniversary message from Blizzard to the characters, found in the mailboxes … Continue reading

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Curse you, RNG

My first Oracles egg netted my Orc Warrior a green proto-drake. I’m not sure which egg thereafter netted my Human Paladin one. So far my Hunter, Druid, Shaman, and other Paladin remain joyless. My wife’s Orc, the Shaman Princess, has … Continue reading

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Class Q&A at BlizzCon

Some amusing questions and answers. One guys leads with “I’ve got 390 days played on my warrior, and I’ve got lots of achievements and I don’t want to waste my time rolling another character….” Say what?  390 days played in … Continue reading

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Blinded by the light.

I’d never tried Boomkin spec.  I had some gear I cobbled together to try my hand at Druid Resto (never did), it’s got +Int, so I thought “What the heck.”  (Or whatever a Kaldorei Padawan of Cenarius might say.) So … Continue reading

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The Waters Cool.

Have you noticed the new in-game water effect?  It ripples nicely. Coupled with that are intense lag in Dalaran, intense lag when my Pally uses Judgement or other spell effects, even tournament jousting is pretty much lagalicious, the fact that … Continue reading

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Pre-WotLK vs. Pre-Cataclysm

Before Wrath of the Lich King came out, I was in a successful raiding guild.  Not the greatest, bleeding edge, raiding guild.  But we visited Mt. Hyjal and met Archimonde.  We visited the Black Temple, and knocked on Illidian’s own … Continue reading

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