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Tagged, I’m it. The 6th screenshot.

The meme happens to be the 6th screenshot in the 6th folder in the screenshots folder. The tag is courtesy of The Game Dame. Well, for starters, I lost a harddrive with EVERYTHING, almost, on it about a year ago.  … Continue reading

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Thanks for the memeories.

Lassira tagged me for the latest meme. Here’s the idea: Go back to your first few posts. Who was the first person to EVER comment on your blog? Call them out, link that post and thank them! Then tag a … Continue reading

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Control pads.

DM Osbon over at Sweet Flag prompted us to show our work/play spaces. Droonda’s: Highlights include a nice Sony high-contrast 19″ flat screen.   And, yeah, she’s got a thing for Chivalry (that’s  Edmund Blair Leighton’s God Speed) and Middle Earth. … Continue reading

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How did you come up with your character names?

Blog Azeroth, the home away from home for WoW Bloggers posed this question this week. (There’ll be weekly topics we all post about. That’s cool, two-fold. One, it gives a topic to work on, and it gives us a common … Continue reading

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Why do *I* blog? Kant, Nagel, and Nat Pagel.

DM Osbon asked “Why do you blog?” He blogs because he loves writing. I blog because I love ranting.  Oh, I do it for the love of writing as well.  The unposted drafts attest to that, or to rants gone … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why I Blog I got tagged and didn’t realize it. Back in May, the Ancient Gaming Noob tagged me. “Kinless at Kinless’ Chronicles: Because he links me despite the fact I haven’t talked about WoW much lately and … Continue reading

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My space. Cuppycake’s got a meme going. Show us your game space. “Here’s my demand: Fellow bloggers, you have to post a picture of your habitat.” Highlights: Roger Dean signed “Floating Water”“Eroica” pencil drawing by Czech artistSony 19″ + Philips … Continue reading

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