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Running around Terokaar Forest. And back to Hellfire Peninsula and into the Blood Furnace. Blackhoof, completing most all of the quests in Zangarmarsh, and dinging 64 in the process, graduated and moved to the forest around Shattrath City, Terokaar Forest. … Continue reading

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Into, and out of, the Hellfire Ramparts. Looking for Group Tool works. Blackhoof got some extended working hours last night. (The wife didn’t feeling like playing.) So I returned to the marsh and recovered his body. Collected a few more … Continue reading

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Blackrock Depths. The header graphic is appropriate. Last night we entered Blackrock Depths with a handful of quests in hand. Droonda, Msaker, Nachmahd, Senthris, and Azghul. All of Dark Ministry. We did well. We wandered around a bit at the … Continue reading

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Tall, dark, and handsome. Short, bright, and perky. Yin and Yang. Arcarius and Winkydink. Alterac Valley goodness. Arathi Basin badness. She thinks he’s handsome. At least that’s what little Winkydink, my wife’s Gnome Warrior, thinks of Arcarius, my Night Elf … Continue reading

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Not bad. Not bad at all. Took a bit of a vacation. Down Florida way. Beachside condo place. Small. No elite Sharks patrolling off shore. No murlocs even. Just some porpoises out there. Seemed so … safe. Came back to … Continue reading

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Druids to watch out for. Two wipes then a Paladin. Wife and I were in Westfall. We wrapped up the Defias quests and escorted the Traitor to the Deadmines. We were ready to go after Van Cleef himself. We ran … Continue reading

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Bugs amongst us.My first exposure to the Silithids as an Alliance character was when Kinless, my Night Elf Hunter, began exploring Tanaris. Up until that point in his career the worst he had to fear from hardshelled beasts were the … Continue reading

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