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PUGging hasn’t been too bad. Over the last two nights Blackhoof has conquered the Ring of Blood (and got a great +Healing one-hander, Mogor’s Anointing Club) and slain Durn the Hungerer (and got a fast combat one-hander, the Hungering Bone … Continue reading

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Life in the Swamp. What’s up with the gear? One of these races is not like the other. The questing continues. Blackhoof discovered that windfury weapon buffs on two weapons do not both proc, unless they’re different ranks of the … Continue reading

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Onyxia Again. In twentyfive minutes. It used to seem impossible. Now it takes twentyfive minutes. Unbelievable! Gear matters. No deaths.

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Darkhoof’s got new boots. Another great run into MC. Our Wednesday Night raid into MC was another good one. Heck, they’re all good. Well, we did aggro a Surger and some Fire Imps, and then aggro’d some Fire Giants and … Continue reading

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Bummer. They downed Majordomo Executus without me. 😦 It was the Saturday where the raid starts early and I can never make those. This time everything was cleared to Sulfuron (we got Golemag Friday night and I was there for … Continue reading

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Cautionary Tale.There is a funny story associated with my new header graphic. It’s sunset in Azshara as taken from Lord Hydraxis’ island. I’d gone out to the Island in search of the Lord in order to conclude the last of … Continue reading

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