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Last summer, if you’ve been reading here that long, I told you about my level 42 Druid stealing flames from the three Horde cities.  Only to learn he had to be level 50 to activate the quests from those flames.  … Continue reading

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Test Results: I’m a Snowflake. >:/

I took the Bartle Test over at the Guild Cafe. Here’s how I wound up: EAKS EAKS players often live by the phrase ‘The journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.’ They are motivated by meeting the challenges of … Continue reading

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Look to the west.

There, in the valley west of Death Knell, we found Four Peaks. The valley is huge. So much room. It’s about the size of another subzone in Tirisfal Glades. I never really noticed it before. Not enough to actually go … Continue reading

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A vision of patience.

Winkydink and Darkhand, The Unbroken’s, our private guild’s, Engineering Department undertook a journey to southern Silithus where we investigated an abandoned Tauren village.  The windmill still functioned, but the house, teepee, and livestock corral were empty.  With the canoes parked … Continue reading

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Them?  These dead bodies, suspended from, or anchored down by, chains that course back and forth across the room?  Or us?  The two sole living, breathing, in our fashion, Forsaken that swam among them? You know where sinners wind up?  Criminals … Continue reading

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The wife got some travel brochures today while I was at work. She was so excited when I got home. We were going to go places! Our first stop was Ironforge. Old Ironforge and the Hall of Thanes. The old … Continue reading

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