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Arcarius dings 80

Arcarius just dinged 80. It was so long ago, Nov-Dec 2004, that he was created as Kinless on the Argent Dawn server. Now, wearing leather heirloom items, completing the Zul’Drak questing achievement, and doing several days worth of Pa’Troll and … Continue reading

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My path to 80. And the other paths that I’ll take to 80.

So, with the holiday break, I’ve gotten Stormsoul to the exalted level of 80. What was my path?  I did all the available quests in Borean Tundra.  All that I could find and handle solo.  I did a lot of … Continue reading

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Satisfied. A note to the casual.

Ah. Oh, there’s a few more things I need yet.  A belt.  The matching leggings for the arena gear.  Perhaps the chest.  I’ll get my new weapons in Northrend.  The beta has shown me there is a cat form staff … Continue reading

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Druids in the Outlands. “Andu-falah-dor!”

Well, a milestone of sorts. Kind of monumental. Our Alliance Druids have finally reached the Outlands. This is my second Alliance character that’s gotten to the Outlands. It’s the wife’s first Alliance character there. She’s looking forward to seeing things … Continue reading

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Two for the Outlands.

Congratulations to Droonda, level 70 Orc Shaman Princess. Well, she came a long way. Always by my side. Through thick and thin. Out of Durotar, across Azeroth, into the Outlands, and then back in Time even. So I collected a … Continue reading

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Rain days are Ding days. It rained Saturday. And that means between Friday and Sunday I got my last two levels and dinged 70 on Msaker, my Orc Warrior. We, Droonda and I, were in Shadowmoon Valley, spying on the … Continue reading

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Ding. 70. Flight. Oh, yeah. Broke, but elated.

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The Scarlet Monastery at last completed. Except for the detail of one small scarlet key. But, I got my new sword, the Sword of Serenity, and a nice new shield, the Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, out of the deal. … Continue reading

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Being level 60 means… No more worries about rested XP.

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Ding. The big 6-0. For my second time. Msaker, aka Oddity, finally reached level 60. My 2nd character to do so. Some thoughts… Blackhoof, aka Darkhoof, my Tauren Shaman, reached 60 in a raiding guild on a PvP server. By … Continue reading

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