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Msaker having fun in Arcatraz. Exilarch not quite having fun yet in the Wetlands. Note bubble provided by lovely wife. “Run, Forrest, run.” (And, yes, Arugal is wondering where *all* his clothes went.) Warriors, the other red meat. Advertisements

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Two on the Path of conquest.Msaker and Droonda. Tonight we did The Path of Conquest quest chain. Just the two of us. Flying mount was pretty much required for us to do it alone. Nachmahd gave us a hand on … Continue reading

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Easy gear, for Shaman or Tank. Bring a healer. Or three. Last night Msaker, Droonda, and our friend, Nachmahd, went to Netherstorm to run a little quest for Professor Dabiri at the Protectorate Watch Post. The quest chain is a … Continue reading

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A Tanks Request. Posted in the community section. Originally Posted by Ziloxus from the official forums: This post is something of a cathartic exercise for myself. If someone gets something out of it great, if not that’s fine too. … Continue reading

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Almost 70. Do I go deeper Protection, plus Arms that support Tanking? Or is Fury DPS still a viable option for dungeons/raiding? So I got to thinking about improving performance, and came up with the following build: 10/0/51. Arms Talents … Continue reading

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Fury+Protection. Looking for some thoughts.Can I play a Fury Warrior, and be Protection at the same time? I.e. can I level, and tank, with one build? My experience with playing a Warrior has been pretty much that of leveling one … Continue reading

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Transformation. Msaker has been a Mortal Strike Warrior for some time now. In his 40’s he was Fury, dual wielding for leveling goodness, but upon getting into Alerac Valley, and getting his mitts on an Ice Barbed Spear, he was … Continue reading

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