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It just takes a little bit.

Just a modicum of effort, and teamwork, and Horde can get some pretty decent honor out of AV, even in the 61-70 AV bracket. So we lost Iceblood.  We always do.  It becomes a gauntlet that we have to fight … Continue reading

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Rampage Battlegroup Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV, you SUCK!

There.  I said it.  It’s just utterly absurd how bad Horde is.  They don’t even try anymore. It’s all self-reinforcing.  We lose, so why bother, so we’ll AFK, so we lose worse, so we bother less, so we AFK more, … Continue reading

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AV surprises. Guild meltdown.

Guild meltdown first.  The guildmaster hasn’t logged in for a week now.  He’s got 3 70’s raiding instances.  He doesn’t appear to sleep.  He’s been away.  Playing LOTRO apparently.  Good for him.  Taking breaks is good.  But bad for us.  … Continue reading

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If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

That’s pretty much what I did. After Itarilda and Greenclaw both dinged 44 and trained in Darnassus, and returned to Feralas for a little more adventure, Itarilda, true to her bear form, went into hibernation.  Greenclaw took a cat nap … Continue reading

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WordPress Blogroll has pretty good stealth ability. New to an instance. The other xp. Freakish happenstance. (Is the world coming to an end? Horde wins??!!)

It keeps disappearing on me. It’s there, like it’s playing a game or something, when I go look for it in the Blogroll section of the Dashboard. Then I review the page and it’s back. Kara feels a lot like … Continue reading

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Why Horde lose very AV I’ve been in. Bruised monkeys, the lot of them. Rampage-US Battlegroup. The last AV I was in: The names my change as the battles do, but the habits and trends don’t. Every AV I’ve been … Continue reading

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Every game in AB is the same. I sign up for the first available. 8 times out of 10 I join something in progress, and always, ALWAYS, Horde control 4 resources and Alliance is struggling to hold on to the … Continue reading

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