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Gear Score, Schmear Score. But, wait…

So there I was.  Looking for the eight remaining burning embers I needed to complete the latest Wintergrasp Daily.  We’d already lost, so I figured everyone Horde was going to be gathered outside of the Vault looking for invites.  Or shopping, … Continue reading

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All our honor are belong to us.

I hate those mothers.  They have great concern for our welfare no doubt, that’s why I refer to them as *mothers* (when those mothers may just as easily be kindly hearted brothers, sisters, dads, layabouts, rascals, and/or scoundrals), that manage to tut, … Continue reading

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Getting into the Spirit.

The Tabards appear to be free for playing.  Be in a battleground to the end and they’ll reward you with a tabard.  I’m not sure a win is even required.  Get into the Spirit of things. The Spirits of Competition … Continue reading

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What’s up with Horde dominance in Arathi Basin?

From what I can tell: Horde die less.  Do a sort on deaths in the score card after a Horde victory (99% chance) and you’ll notice Horde die less than Alliance do. Horde kill more.  The corollary is that Horde … Continue reading

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Too easy?

My first epic.  And 3 pieces of the “faction pvp” gear. Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself here.  I’m only level 61.  That’s just me messing around with some items I’ve put into the bank waiting for me to turn … Continue reading

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A Druid in Alterac Valley

I’ve long complained about Alliance performance in Alterac Valley in the Rampage Battlegroup.  Arcarius, in the 61-70 bracket there, can’t catch a break.  Horde are just too good.  Alliance loses over and over and over. But then what explains the … Continue reading

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Morons. But maybe I’m harsh.

So Arcarius ventures back into Alterac Valley. He won the last two matches he played there last night.  Would tonight continue the successes? Alliance takes the first graveyard.  That’d be me capping Snowfall. Alliance kill Galv before Horde kill Balinda. … Continue reading

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