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Hardcore, but sideways.

I don’t know why it bothers me. In the three weeks since release I’ve managed to reach Dalaran. On one character, Stormsoul. I really don’t see the point in reaching 80. There’s so much to see and do, what’s the … Continue reading

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Something completely different.

I’ve probably said enough about how cool Druids are.  They can stealth in, fight very well, can tank or dps, both frankly ever since lacerate was able to fitted to the claws, and heal.  And buff.  And fly.  Whew. So … Continue reading

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Two for the path of Glory.

Itarilde and Greenclaw are now both riding epic mounts. She picked the Stormsaber. Greenclaw took the Mistsaber. It was a little over a year ago that Droonda and Msaker were in the same position.

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I’ve been kind of quiet.

Raids and alts have been keeping me busy. As I alluded to earlier, I transferred servers to find a guild with friendly raid times in my own time zone. Success. It really didn’t hurt that they started SSC and TK. … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Alt Number 20

Following Blackhoof’s visit to Karazhan this week, what’s there left to do? Why, of course!  It’s time to get going with some alts over on Steamwheedle. Samjin and Booka, Rogue (me) and Shaman (aka the lovely Princess Droonda.) And jump … Continue reading

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Bitten again.

Call the doctor. I deleted my Level 24 Shaman and created a Draenei Warrior instead. I was thinking “Solo, two-man, end game. Shaman with Priest? or Warrior with Priest?” The wife’s Level 25 Draenei Priest is coming along nicely. Dressed … Continue reading

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Dag. A year goes by. And the power remains the same. I was bored and looking up some site stats over on MyBlogLog. One of the ways this site was reached was a Google search for Ressan the Needler. (He’s … Continue reading

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