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A little something unusual. The Sprite Darter pet.

The first time I saw one I knew I had to have one. I mean I spent twenty minutes clucking like a chicken to get a chicken to lay an egg for me in Westfall so I could get a … Continue reading

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Two are better than one. Blackhoof was in the Bone Wastes the other day. Slowly, and methodically, working off quests given to him by the folks at the stranded caravan. One quest involved entering the Shadow Tomb and recovering some … Continue reading

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That’s just a real shame. For the Horde that is. It seems the Alliance have developed a new strategy. That is to farm HK’s on the way to their win. Since when do the Alliance take and hold Stonehearth Graveyard? … Continue reading

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ZOMG! Alliance in AV is Easy Mode. Mostly.Well, first ever time Arcarius, my Night Elf Hunter, got into Alterac Valley, the Horde decimated us! It was incredible. After losing so many times with Msaker I was expecting quick wins. No … Continue reading

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Warsong Gulch. Silverwing Sentinels. 2,543,400 reputation needed till friendly.Ha, ha. Just kidding. Only like 2,200 needed till friendly. And that’s after a whole lot of battles. Ogresson, my Dwarf Hunter. He’s a soloist, and not otherwise involved with a lady … Continue reading

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