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Joust doing it

I’d been wondering if I’d ever done it. Then I did it and kept all *seven* of debuffs on me for the jousting. Oh, I wasn’t always the jousting machine.  I would do the whack-whack-whack-charge-whack-whack routine.  Took forever. Now I … Continue reading

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So, how was I?

In my Heroic instance runs I’m always curious about how well I’m doing.  It’s a natural tendancy to want to pull my weight, so I run Recount and make sure I’m paying enough attention, both while hammering at mobs, as well as beforehand … Continue reading

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A Fool and his Durability…

I don’t know why this thought occurred to me, but it did, and it was “A fool and his durability are soon parted.” I was thinking that when I got invited to a Chillmaw/Commanders group.  I was the 3rd person … Continue reading

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Do you remember?

There we were.  Our mid-40s Forsaken returning from Brackenwall in Dustwallow Marsh to Orgrimmar to complete a quest. In flight on the windriders.  I was alt-tabbed out, catching up on news during the flight. The wife makes a remark passing through the … Continue reading

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Crazy for tanking. A crazy UI.

Well, I like to keep things simple, so this interface is pretty much what all my characters see, just different buttons in the bars. Since Msaker is my “Main” it’s got to be best for him. I use a lot … Continue reading

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Druids are not broken. The lonely Hunter. The world is broken. Pretty cool. 1. Last night we brought the Druids out to play. Sending some money out of the “Epic Mount for Arcarius the Old Fashioned Way: We Earn It” … Continue reading

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Here are my add-ons, and the sources for them. What it looks like: Sources: WoW Interface Gaming Ace Addons Ace Addons Listing UI Fizzwidget’s A lot of my add-ons are Ace based so … Continue reading

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Addons, the live list. What I plan to do in way Addons, and using Bloggers label feature, is keep a listing of the addons I’m using, explain why I like them, and keep a link for where I found them, … Continue reading

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Add-ons Extravaganza!I put together a file list for my friend and decided this might be of use to others too. This is what I’ve got in way of add-ons. I mostly get them at: (Sort on timestamp to get … Continue reading

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