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A Queue??

“It’s a busy day for! To help everyone log in, you’ve been placed in a queue.” What in blazes is a queue? I haven’t seen one of those in many, many years!

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Wasn’t even trying (too hard).

A while back the wife and I had an Undead couple.  She was a Shadow Priest, me a Mage.  We were both level 27.  We ran into a monster in Hillsbrad called Yetimus the Yetilord.  We didn’t stand a chance.  … Continue reading

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Why all the One-Monthers? (And where’s the next Ten-Yearer?)

The last post was based on something I saw over on The Ancient Gaming Noob asking (ALT:ernative survey request) about our (almost!) first ten years in World of Warcraft. Before I headed overseas a couple of times I’d been playing Neverwinter Nights on AOL with … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft, 10 YEARS :: 10 QUESTIONS

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft? Neverwinter Nights on the AOL got me started with online gaming. Warcraft on the LAN got me interested in the Warcraft universe. When EQII and World of Warcraft came out at about the … Continue reading

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Covering All Bases

So many games, so little time. We play Wildstar for the sci-fi scenario and the popping graphics.  (The wife thinks World of Warcraft’s are crisper?)  I’m not so sure about that.  The green vegetation is awesome.  And the game mechanics … Continue reading

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What I’d like my office view to be

My latest creation in Landmark. Somebody let their claim expire, right next to the portal, and who was walking past?  I was.  

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Wildstar Character Selfies

Worthy, Dominion Cassian Spellslinger. Cloth wearing gunslinger.  He’s currently questing in a savannah environment. Virillustris (in full Eldar costume), Exile Mordesh Stalker.  I picked the green coloration before I got the Eldar getup.  I also like how the disease has … Continue reading

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