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While my client quietly patches.

Ah, all those years ago.  November 2004.  Fall bringing down the leaves off the trees.  A new game coming out of the box.  (Remember those?  Six sides?  Cardboard.  … Physical?  I’m dating myself, I know!)  World of Warcraft.  It was … Continue reading

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I can’t complain about my luck.

I remember Msaker getting the Green Protodrake with his first egg there in Sholazar Basin. I worked my butt off and got the Brewfest Ram on Msaker as well. And tonight, fifth (or sixth) visit to Coren Direbrew I got … Continue reading

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My Shaman on another server

I remember, way back, seeing the “others” come from another server.  Seems they’d left their overcrowded home world and came to ours.  With names like Hammerclaw (a PvP Paladin.  A Paladin??!?!!) and gear like “Who are those guys???,” me and mine felt very provincial … Continue reading

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What if they made a game you couldn’t play?

Not really sure how good a business model that would be. I wasn’t sure the loader program was working yesterday, the start, I believe, of the free-to-play ArcheAge.  Glyph just sat there, appearing to be doing nothing.  But when I … Continue reading

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ArcheAge, a Neverland

I kind of knew what I was getting into, but it became very jarring after playing 10 levels over ArcheAge’s Open Beta weekend. I knew the character models would be “asian.”  But, aside from the occasional use of some gray haired … Continue reading

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Next Big Thing Tourist

Wildstar is merging all servers onto two new megaservers.  I liked the game, really liked the graphic style.  Especially the “manmade” look of all the natural elements on Nexus.  That nothing was randomly natural, but crafted by a higher power.  … Continue reading

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Five 90s

So far, pre-Warlords of Draenor I’ve got 5 90s. Cenotaph and Sunstriker I soloed through on my own. Msaker and Greenclaw I partnered with my wife’s Droonda and Itarilda and we quested our Horde and Alliance couples to 90. Outrageous … Continue reading

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