WoW is amazing.

A couple of days ago my screen started blacking out.  The system was running, but the screen would just go black.  Then it started happening on boot up.  System running, no screen.  Even the bios splash screen wasn’t showing.

Obviously a bad graphics card.  So I pulled out the not that old GTX760 and plugged in a GTX750 I found at Best Buy.

The GTX760 has two connections to the power supply.  The 750 gets it’s power from the PCI slot.  The box says the 750 expects 400W power supply.  And I’ve got a 650W unit.

Then the 750 started doing the same thing.  I could boot, fire up WoW and Landmark, but it would soon go black on me.

So it wasn’t the graphics card.

Back to the store it went.  I joked with customer service.  “I can build a computer from the motherboard up, but I can’t open a cardboard box.”  (It didn’t make sense to me how they thought the box should open so I cleanly sliced it open on the long edge.  The side of the box just pulled out.)  They refunded it.

And now I’ve ordered a new PSU from  In the reviews of my old model they said “It’s an acknowledged issue for these RM units below stock number X.”  Amazon won’t take the return, I’ve had it too long.  Oh, well.  That’s me.  So I ordered a different make, and 850W just to be sure.

But, in the mean time, I’m using the graphics chipset on the motherboard itself.  I always assumed those graphics were pretty basic.  Just enough to boot, show a screen, from which a graphics card can be installed.

But, wow, this on-the-motherboard graphics chip is actually good enough to run World of Warcraft, and it looks so good I forget my case is pretty much an empty shell without the honking twin fanned with cooler graphics card in it.  Playing graphically rich video games it should be like me functioning without a brain.

MSI Computer Corp. Motherboard ATX DDR3 1333 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z87-G45 GAMING – good motherboard!

Without a graphics card I can’t run Landmark.  I can, to an extent.  I can log in.  But the LAG makes it unplayable.  The graphics and scenery are all there.  But I can’t really move about.  But it was good enough to float up to my roof and paint a few tiles, then reverse it.  (The PSU will arrive before rent on my portal-side property is due.)

But World of Warcraft looks just as good without a graphics card AT ALL as with a pretty good one.

And we wonder why World of Warcraft is successful?  It gets so much more right than it might get wrong.  Ten expansions later, with imagery never better, and it runs on the default graphics chip.  I remain impressed.

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