About dang time! Ding, 100!

My first character has finally reached 100.


It’s the same one that visited all the Cataclysm dungeons in order to help the wife’s level 80 Deathknight, deleted and restored, reach 85 without doing more quests than required to get an underwater mount.

It’s been fun.  He accomplished a lot in Frostfire Ridge, and then journeyed to Gorgrond and Talador.  Leaving a few quests undone in Talador (and probably Gorgrond) he journeyed to the Spires of Arak.  He’s got 3 more quest chains to complete before the questing achievement in the Spires is done.  (I believe that gets me a follower.)

Just when I get to thinking “Ah, I can concentrate a little more on the rest of my army,” I see there’s now proving grounds, the war continues, there’s a daily assault, …

And there’s the Garrison to upgrade still.  Work, work.  Who’s the Peon now?

P.S. It’s been a month and a half?  Ten levels in a month and a half?  It’s funny.  I really don’t remember what all I’d accomplished in the first month and a half after picking up the game in November 2004.  I really, seriously, doubt I even had my first level 40 yet, riding on a mount. … Okay, if I think of it like that, I’ve *only* leveled up 10 levels.  (Maybe two years between expansions is a little too long.)  (I wonder if I should feel even a little bad for people who leveled those 10 levels in the first night.)


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One Response to About dang time! Ding, 100!

  1. Congratz on the 100!! I just made it to 100 on one of my characters last week and still have plenty to do on him as well – lots of stuff to do yet. I’ve already started three more on the trek, however, I’m like you – I wonder who is the peon at the Garrison too.

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