Savoring the slow crawl through Draenor.

When I’m in my favorite steak house, and the steak arrives and it’s cooked just right, I take very small bites, savoring each one.  “Mmmm mmm.  That’s some tasty steak.”

I’m doing the same with Draenor.  This is evidenced by having two eggs currently incubating in my bags (one on a 3 day timer, the other on a 7 day timer) and only yesterday hitting level 96 with my highest level character.  (He’s my soloist Death Knight.  And it really does feel like he’s outpacing the content.  I’ve vowed not to leave Gorgrond until I’m done there, and I just noticed he’s level 96 fighting level 93 mobs.  (What?)  No wonder he’s cutting through the bad guys with quest rewards like butter.  He did pop into the Spires of Arak, which wasn’t tough either, and after doing a couple of quests (picking up archealogy from one of the arrakoa npcs) headed back to Gorgrond.

The environments I’ve been through have been really cool.  The swampy area of Gorgrond is awesome.  So lush.  The mineral water pools of the desert interior look great.  And the forests I saw in the Spires looked really very nice.  (I’ve already gushed about Frostfire Ridge and Shadowmoon Valley.)

Part of my slow pace is explained by being a madman about garrison produced resources.  I’ve got 5 level 2 mines to harvests.  One level 2 herb garden, and more as soon as I can get it done.  These do take time.

And it’s cool that these garrison resources pretty much fill the entire need I have for crafting.  (I think that speaks to the limited crafting I *can* do.  The “good stuff” depends on work order output, which is a limited amount per day.  (Meaning I can’t ride endless loops through a zone filling stacks of materials, and crafting a full set *before* I set out and do any quests.)  The “common” stuff was gated by level.  (Lvl 91, 95, 98, or something like that.)  My blacksmith only knows 3 of the ? pieces of armor which just use ordinary ore.  Otherwise he’s learned plans for a full set of gear, OF WHICH he can only wear three of at a time??  Three of anything crafted at that level???  So I craft a Saber (100 truesteel ingots, this I’ve done), Shield (another 100, working on this), and then I can only take one more “good stuff” item??  Like a ring from my Jewelcrafter, or…

Maybe the point is to get me out there and earning the other stuff the “social” way.  (You know, by killing people and things.)

One of the cooler looking sets I managed to complete was the level 90 Deathknight PvP set.  (Transmog gear should Draenor not have me “complete” by the time I’m 100 and “done enough.”)

Before I wrap this up… houseplants.  I’ve got a sentient shrub wandering around my herb garden, and a walking tropical plant wandering around my garrison.  Very funny.

And Dagg, the funny rogue.  (With his “captured ogre” disguise.  Too funny.)

Draenor is a very tasty dish.


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