An awful lot of goodness, this WoD.

There’s so many changes with this latest expansion, it really does feel “all new.”  Honest.  (And ten years on, it’s still an enjoyable game.)

The introduction quest for Warlords of Draenor introduced all the major players, you included, along with a run to the boats to escape.  A combo quest-cinematic.  The graphics of each major villain, introduced with a marquis and subtitled trash talk, was very cool.


I’ve spent the past few play sessions in Frostfire Ridge, and it’s a great feeling place.  (And a couple of epic followers, an epic drop, and some new toys, it’s like Christmas morning already.)

And if I’m “killing rats” it really doesn’t feel like it.  Not really.  At least not the old way.

And the garrisons are a blast.


Very compelling in that I feel I always want my followers to be up to something.  (I’m up to 6 now.)





My level 2 Garrison.  (It’s all mine.  Thrall came to visit the other day, for crying out loud.  Thrall. *The* Thrall.)

They had a rocky launch, true enough.  Just the millions coming back for another heaping helping of goodness.  And the DDOS thingy.  (Punks hate success.)

It’s good.  Good in the Warcraft ‘hood.




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