While my client quietly patches.

Ah, all those years ago.  November 2004.  Fall bringing down the leaves off the trees.  A new game coming out of the box.  (Remember those?  Six sides?  Cardboard.  … Physical?  I’m dating myself, I know!)  World of Warcraft.  It was the guilty pleasure that pulled me from my tanks in Call of Duty (the wife-to-be listening to the rumble of tank engines across the house) or my hand of cards (the wife-to-be on the other end of the internet connection) in Magic: The Gathering.  But this Warcraft was something better.  Where I could play a character in a world with fun graphics, and a sense of humor.  And with other people, grouping for profit, and fun.

Characters surviving from vanilla WoW include Msaker, Stormsoul, Honorus, and Darkhand.  (And with this pre-expansion patch I’ll recover my level 85 hunter, Arcarius.)

I remember the Burning Crusade, January 2007, going through the portal to a new, broken, world, the Outlands (aka Draenor).  The aboriginal Orcs, the proud Draenei.  The new Draenei and Blood Elf races.

I remember the Wrath of the Lich King, November 2008.  Boarding the ships that transported us up north.  Coming in to dock after passing the embracing cliffs, from which was hung a flaming boat, a warning from the indiginous giants, and not catching up with the Lich King until the last zone.

Cataclysm, December 2010, with the shake up of the existing world and the addition of Worgen and Goblins.

And the Mists of Pandaria, Sep 2012, where we discover more new land, this time to the south, and the  Panderians.

And here we are, on the eve of Warlords of Draenor, November 2014, with todays update upgrading us to the new game mechanics and graphics, in preparation for a month from now when we travel back through the portal to a Draenor that’s taken a different path.

We’ll be there, the wife and I.  We’re ready to hit the road again, once more into the breach dear friends, once more.  And we’ll be there, no doubt, as we move on into the Emerald Dream, (defending it from the Burning Legion perhaps), then chase Sargeras down, hitting Argus next.  (We’ve got the starships parked over old Netherstorm.  And goblins can strap rockets onto anything.  Let’s ride.)

And given how friendly World of Warcraft is, maybe Jr. will come along as well.


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