My Shaman on another server

I remember, way back, seeing the “others” come from another server.  Seems they’d left their overcrowded home world and came to ours.  With names like Hammerclaw (a PvP Paladin.  A Paladin??!?!!) and gear like “Who are those guys???,” me and mine felt very provincial in comparison to these “big city” types with their sophisticatitude.

Then came the battlegrounds, where these “others” stayed on their own servers, but joined us in the fray of Alterac Valley because now my humble little RP server belonged to a Battle Group.  Just so we could tell them apart, their names got appended with their server names.  Leetdude-Oneofamillionservernames <ROFLCOPTER DOWN> hits you with a snowball.  And that was great.  Meant we had enough again to reduce wait times for the battleground matches.  (Something the zerg rush ultimately nailed into it’s coffin.)

Things progressed, and suddenly these People-FromElsewhere appeared in my gameworld, not just in the battlegrounds, but poking around in the auction house, inn, spider camp, and everywhere.  Okay, so we’re taking the idea of “merges” a little further.

And that’s where I thought it ended until I got an invite on a new character from a Guild Master on another server.

I’m not the fastest scooter in the turtle store, so it took me a bit of time to realize all the wife’s and my folks on our 2nd/Alt server could join the 2-player guilds we had on our 1st/Home server.   Researching which servers were linked to which, I created a place holder character on a 3rd server who is a member in the guild now.  In fact, the wife was so attached to one particular character name she’d lost, unable to create that character on either of our two servers, she created him on this 3rd server, and she and I, on a new character on the 2nd server, both members of the guild based on the 1st server, did a little knocking around Brill the other night.

Which also means my Tauren Shaman, the one I raided Molten Core with, took to Illidian’s Welcome mat, chilled out in Naxxaramas with, he’s finally “viable” again, a member of the guild, able to easily mail anything back and forth with my “mains,” not just heirlooms, and in the last few days have gotten him two levels to 84.  I’m after the Vial of Sands, so I’m leveling him with Archaeology which rewards solid xp with every successful survey.  (And I’ve seen the Twilight Highlands often enough.  I only want to herb gather there.)

It’s certainly a nice discovery for an altoholic like me that my alts and mains are only seperated by server list screens now, and little else.


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