What if they made a game you couldn’t play?

Not really sure how good a business model that would be.

The Wait

I wasn’t sure the loader program was working yesterday, the start, I believe, of the free-to-play ArcheAge.  Glyph just sat there, appearing to be doing nothing.  But when I went to close it, it asked “Are you sure you want to cancel the patch?”  Ummm, no.  You’re patching?

So I let it run all night, and tonight I was going to check it out again.  Oh, about 5pm or so I fired it up and found the queue.  I was 3,700, give or take a few hundred, next in line to join the server.  They were all red, and I’ll be damned if I change lines for the same story everywhere.

It’s 11pm now and at least we’re less than 1,000.  Still, at 668, and more than an hour wait, still, I don’t think it’s going to be happening.

Not really sure what Trion was thinking.  Surely they had some small clue from all the advance packs they’ve sold.  I read that the headstart servers were already filled with player housing.  Which, of course, doesn’t apply to me.

Apparently being able to log in doesn’t apply to me either.

If this works for them, sound business.

P.S. A night later, and it’s just the same.  Eight servers and the two I tried had queues 3,300+ long.  Who’s managed to log into this game?  Truly Pay to Play.

P.P.S. The next day, 4:30pm, so who’s home playing right now?  Is this the afterschool crush?  3,300+ on each server.  Each server is a little different, but every server was over 3,300.  As if it’s more important to maintain an initial queue of at least 3,300+ per server, than let people onto the server.  As if you’re a theater with a movie, but you decide it’s more important to maintain a line outside at least two blocks long at all times.  Crazy, crazy.


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