Next Big Thing Tourist

Wildstar is merging all servers onto two new megaservers.  I liked the game, really liked the graphic style.  Especially the “manmade” look of all the natural elements on Nexus.  That nothing was randomly natural, but crafted by a higher power.  How the trees and grass and hills all came up “procedurally” with very clear patterns.  But I didn’t like it enough to keep subbing.  Server merge portends free-to-play at some point?

TESO we did resub to.  It had appeared, over a couple of play sessions, that the “playing in a party” thing was worked out.  But last night, logging on, the wife found herself in a different instance than me and had to port to me.  Luckily I was already at the waystation.  And during on of the quests, as we passed “into” and “out of” some temples, at one point she disappeared.  So I was partnered with a white floating V.  We could still kill the exact some mobs, so what was the point of putting her in a seperate instance from me?  Especially doing so mid-session???  I’m really wanting to move on from the volcanic ashland that is the Dunmer starting area.  I think (at level 13) we’re just about able to leave.

Landmark I’m still enjoying.  They added PvP and while I’ve picked up each weapon, I’ve not engaged in any PvP.  Nor do I plan to.  Ever.  That’s not why I’m “playing” Landmark.  I joined it to see how EverQuest: Next was shaping up, and it’s a fun diversion building things.  I’ve found it to be a “genre agnostic” free-for-all mishmash with, apparently, a focus now on arena building, with two-button combat options further “streamlining” things.  It also tells me EverQuest: Next is a long ways away.  There’s some neat things down the road yet for Landmark that will make EQ:N “next gen” as they say, but if it’s down the road for Landmark, it’s even further for EQ:Next.  And they’d do EQ:Next a disservice not pursuing those things.  On the other hand, if combat in Landmark is what combat in EQ:Next will be like, then expect a mouse-button driven two-ability (per weapon) combat system that some traditionalists will not care for.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.  I don’t follow a lot of gamer bloggers anymore, so when one I still track picks up a game and finds it interesting, I take note.  I downloaded the “free to try” benchmark program and it says my machine can easily handle the maximum effects.  It’s got nice looking character models, but of the almost too-nice “Asian” look.  Which doesn’t bother me much.  It’s the cutesy race they each seem to have to have that bothers me.  It’s a subscription, which I’d be borderline on, but paying to see those Lalafell’s every day?  I can’t do it.

And I hated the Lopp’s in Wildstar.  The Aurin were borderline, the Chua crossed it, but the Lopps…  I wonder if it’s just not me and the wife, but one explanation of Wildstar’s less than stellar performance so far?

That leaves, for now, of the contenders for my time that I’d consider viable, and where I’d put some time in, ArcheAge.  It’s being brought to us in the West by Trion, of Rift fame, and Rift wasn’t badly handled I don’t think.  I’m not still playing, but that’s not to say it was bad.  If ArcheAge can keep some of the “goodness” of Rift, it won’t be bad.  Yes, it’s Asian, so I’m aware of the Firran.  And I think they’ve changed the Firran to be more human, and less stylized.  (I don’t actually mind stylized.)  From the sounds of it there’s a lot of sandbox activities.  (And also from what I’ve heard, lot’s of “traditional” MMORPG elements too.)  If free-to-play isn’t severly handicapped versus premium paying-to-play, and I can find a guild that tolerates short vist tourists, I am definitely going to check it out.  And it’ll be interesting to see how “caustic” this rumored PvP only world is.

That’s what I’m aware of with regards to the Next Big Things.  Either they weren’t, haven’t become them yet, and/or include things I’ll never get over.


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