Five 90s

So far, pre-Warlords of Draenor I’ve got 5 90s.

Cenotaph and Sunstriker I soloed through on my own.

Msaker and Greenclaw I partnered with my wife’s Droonda and Itarilda and we quested our Horde and Alliance couples to 90.

Outrageous and Ombria were mid 50’s characters that we were playing, and we picked professions we wanted to have maxed, and then took advantage of the free boost to 90 once they hit 60. (You had to be 60 to get to 90 WITH max level crafting. Boosting a less than 60 character would mean leveling it to 600 on your own.)

Now we can take a little break and progress a little more with TESO.

And for a change of pace we have another level 85 couple ready to start Pandaria.

(I’m thinking WoW Expansions are too few and far between!)


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