Wasn’t even trying (too hard).

A while back the wife and I had an Undead couple.  She was a Shadow Priest, me a Mage.  We were both level 27.  We ran into a monster in Hillsbrad called Yetimus the Yetilord.  We didn’t stand a chance.  I figured we needed a tank.  So my Mage was deleted and replaced with a Warlock.  My wife’s Shadow Priest was sidelined a spell.

I’d been playing this Warlock off and on around his rested xp status.  He’s got heirloom chest, shoulders, trinkets, and staff.  Our two-person guild is Level 9 and we get some xp boost there too.  (He shares the heirlooms with an Alliance mage I created.)

Yesterday afternoon I started him out in the Sepulcher, he was level 16 or 17, and rested.  All the quests he was doing were green to him, but I kept at them following the story through the zone.  Before dinner I’d managed to get all the storyline complete, including the death, and resurrection, of Sylvanus, and quests were yellow again.

After Junior was put in bed it was off to Hillsbrad.  The wife joined me.  And as any of her spells were winding up, it turned out I’d already killed the mob.  She managed to help in 1 in 10 since I was killing stuff so fast.  Going at a burning pace, before long, *I* dinged level 27 (again) and we set out to find Yetimus and put an end to his reign of obstinance.

Between the mile high boots, the 50% health hits, we didn’t last long (again).

Droonda came out and helped him, and Cenotaph came out and helped her, and voila, quest completed.

Kind of wierd, spending an afternoon getting 10 levels, and then unable to complete an at-level quest.

Fun times.

(And you can’t believe all the rares I run into nowadays in these less populated zones.)


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