World of Warcraft, 10 YEARS :: 10 QUESTIONS

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

Neverwinter Nights on the AOL got me started with online gaming. Warcraft on the LAN got me interested in the Warcraft universe. When EQII and World of Warcraft came out at about the same time I picked WoW because I was familiar with Warcraft. I tried EQII and the graphics didn’t appeal to me. I’d been WoWicized.


2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

I’m sure I rolled a couple. My first character that became anything of note was a Night Elf Hunter I’d named Kinless. A couple server transfers later he became Arcarius. He leveled up to level 80, , and I deleted him to make way for some Worgen and Goblins.

Arcarius dings 80

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

I still haven’t picked a faction of choice. I’ve got high and low level characters in both factions. My Molten Core raider was horde. A group of Alliance friends decided to reroll Horde on a new PvP server. We started from scratch and got into 40-man raiding for a while.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

Downing Ragnaros was a big deal. We’d been working at that for a long, long, time, and there was a bunch of us involved. 40 people in voice chat overjoyed. We’d made it.

5. What is your favorite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Ease of play. The wife enjoys the game, and has accompanied me to 90, and with all our little couples too.

new threads

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

It’s ever a journey. Recently we got to quest in Teldrassil again and we thought the trees there looked great.

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

I’ve been playing since December 2004. I did try to take a break at one point, that lasted a few months. Another break found me deployed to Afghanistan. And here we are, still questing towards 90, still rolling new characters, waiting for the next expansion to start.

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

I want to.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

I wish I was a better player. You know: Staying out of the fire. Getting my stats right to maximize DPS. I enjoyed raiding in Molten Core, but the game pulled ahead of me. I’m glad there’s plenty else to do, and pvp, ironically, is pretty forgiving.

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

Heh. I’ve had a little bit less of it, for sure. 🙂


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