Wildstar Character Selfies

Worthy.140616.233818Worthy, Dominion Cassian Spellslinger. Cloth wearing gunslinger.  He’s currently questing in a savannah environment.

Virillustris.140616.233328Virillustris (in full Eldar costume), Exile Mordesh Stalker.  I picked the green coloration before I got the Eldar getup.  I also like how the disease has so wasted him away that sections of him are contained in glass.  Like his abdomen, shoulders, one leg, and you can see his internal workings.  He’s currently questing in a forest environment.

BillyBeau.140616.234020BillyBeau, Exile Human Esper.  They protray the Human Exiles as kind of hillbillies.  So, here’s Billy Beau with a good double name.  (My son, born in Georgia, resembles that remark!  🙂 )  He’s currently questing in a frozen environment.

Adze.140616.231932Adze, Exile Granok Warrior.  See, he’s got a blade mohawk for a head.  He’s currently questing in a rocky area.

All of these are about the same level (5-10) so you can see the variation available in beginning areas.

Not shown: Analyst, Dominion Mechari Engineer and Monomachos, Dominion Draken Warrior.


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