Wildstar Crafting & More First Impressions

My Gunslinger reached Level 10.  Since I’m not playing with end-game raiding in mind I figure a crafting skillset to take care of myself would be good.

I picked tailoring (and since like WoW tailoring doesn’t require a gathering skill) I took relic hunting.

Anyway, another character, on hitting level 10, was given a cookie crumb trail quest sending me to the zone’s nearest crafting trainer.  My Gunslinger, though, not so lucky.  He managed to have easy access via Taxi to Illium so he went there and learned his trades.

First order of business, with the required materials, and the purchase of some thread, was to craft a set of blue level 10 gloves.  Nice.  Next up was a set of boots.  (I bought thread enough for 2 items.)  But it wouldn’t let me leave the glove schematic without warning me that I’d be losing all progress.  Huh?  I hate warnings so I crafted another set of gloves, which turned out green, and I salvaged those.  Then I bought some more thread and crafted a pair of green boots.  Both upgrades, and so tailoring, from the get go, has been good to me.

And then I trained Cooking, and with some meat I had stored in my bags wound up making Jerkey, and then some Spicy Jerky.

I think this crafting will take some getting used to in terms of getting out the items I’m specifically after, but, that said, it appears to be a fun diversion, and a bit of a mini-game itself.

The wife was very amused when she deleted her first character.  She didn’t care for the class (Warrior) or the looks so set about recreating a character.  She laughed when the character came up on screen crying as you delete them.

Taxis.  Very amusing.  Not sure why Dominion and Exiles are served by the same cab company, but the cabbies are talkative and the cab graphics are excellent.  From the front grill to the bumper stickers.

There is a lot of refinement here in a game that’s figuratively fresh out of the box.  There’s features here that other games needed expansions to get to.

Grouping.  I was originally thinking “Aw, c’mon.  Not this again.”  Because when my wife logged in, I knew she and I were at the same location, but she was invisible.  I invited her to party and she moved to my instance (with an apparently easy to see button on her screen).  Poof.  There she was.  Nice.  (ESO forced me to the nearest waystation and then ride back to her should I wish to join my wife in her instance there.)  And I haven’t explored this further, there was an option for me to “mentor” her.  I was all of level 5 on that character, and she level 3.  Once I decided to mentor my level was reduced to 3.  I assume that gets me the benefit of earning xp appropriately.  I didn’t see what that did for my health, or abilities, but I’m thinking, hoping, that I can outlevel her, and yet still meaningfully group with her too.  The best of both worlds.

I only wish I could more easily take screenshots.  Supposedly the PrtSc/SysRq button does it, but keybindings is silent on that key, and pressing it doesn’t put screenshots into the screenshots folder.  I have to go to window mode and some combination of alt- or ctrl- or shift- (maybe?) produced the screenshot.  I need to figure this out so I can post more screenshots too.

Bottom line, the game feels very mature and refined for being only two weeks out of release.


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