Best served chilled.

This screenshot does not do the actual graphics justice.  The ice here in Iron Pine Peak is so well done.  The frozen lake, with the craters of shattered ice, and the semi-visible sunken ice sheets and ships is simply awesome.

The architecture is unique and well done. Even the simplest of wooden shacks is incredibly nicely rendered.

Rift’s graphics remain the best I’ve seen in any game.


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2 Responses to Best served chilled.

  1. really nice, i’ve been checking out your blog for some time now and im thinking of going out buying a nice PC just so I can play Rift instead of being stuck on WoW because my computer can run it.

  2. Saylah says:

    I don’t like snowy zones. I skip them if at all possible. Rift changed my mind. Finally someone realized that more than yeti, polar bears and other animals can inhabit them like HUMANS with towns, villages and outposts. Whodathunk?? Plus the graphics are stellar.

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