Three weeks with Rift (and plenty more to go)

I’ve really been enjoying Rift, playing since Headstart began on the 24th of February, and here it’s 13 March.

I’ve leveled one character to level 20.  Three to level 16 or so.  The Level 20 has finally left the first zone after the starter area.  (And, it turns out, the epic storyline quest remains incomplete for him.  Unstarted even.  But I did get credit for “completing” the area, with a title “the Warden” and the achievement.)

We were in the Guardian area last night with our High Elves and I keep remarking to the wife how beautiful the graphics are.  The lush forest and the play of light and shadows and verdant greenery is unmatched by anything I’ve seen.

The level 20 Warrior started as a Champion (think Arms) but has since gone Riftblade/Reaver (think Elemental Damage Dots Death Knight+Death Damage Dots Death Knight) and the dots on groups of mobs really burns them down.

However, that’s not to say he’s not a ghost right now after dropping onto an elite level 20 monster (without realizing it was elite).

But, like the achievement says, I was just there for the view.


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2 Responses to Three weeks with Rift (and plenty more to go)

  1. lvl86 says:

    Nice entry. I can’t help notice how close rift looks like WoW… I mean you even mention it when comparing classses to wow classes. Can your warrior guy be not elemental combat but something about healing or maybe to give freedom to himself? Because in PvP I think most melee classes weakness is lack of healing or things that stop / root / slow them.

    Also, can you somehow make the pictures full screen? I cant see the good graphics.. i might be computer illiterate though

  2. Kinless says:

    The image should expand after you click on it.

    Some of the Warrior talent trees appear to include some self-healing. The Reaver tree gets you self-heals (based on damage you do with spells like Soul Sickness) at the later levels. (Nothing obvious like WoW’s mana using Paladin.)

    I actually found this site when I looked to answer your question: (I hadn’t even known about the site, but it seems to answer just that kind of question.)

    As to comparing Rift with WoW, after six years playing WoW my dinner tonight has comparisons to WoW. That Mac’n’Cheese is a lot like a Gnome Mage, for instance. 🙂

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