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Geek is…

If you get the reference you too are one.

So, virtually at BlizzCon, it was funny, as Metzen mentioned Star Wars and seemed to get a little choked up thinking how parents are getting to take their kids to see it and how that might affect the imagination of those kids, the camera panned out over the audience and I was thinking “Hey, those *are* the kids whose parents saw the original Star Wars!”  I did enjoy his “Geek is…” presentation.  And a couple of references I didn’t get, but I think they involved “Street Fighter” or something.  And I don’t think he referred to the “All your base are belong to us” meme, which I think is fairly inline with geeky references.

Day 1 also included the Dungeons and Raids panel.  (I’m typing this up watching the Q&A to the right of this window, and it’s On-Demand for me now, so virtuality trumps reality.)  I like how their maps are going to be more like Atlas Map/Atlas Loot with the addition of adding notes about boss abilities as well.

Today they’ll be talking about class and lore and the artwork so the wife and I are looking forward to watching those as well.  (27″ iMac is great for this, given it’s delivered to my machine in Hi-Def.)

There was one raid shown Throne of the Four Winds, with 2-3 bosses, that appears to be up in the clouds, and you go boss to boss during the fights by jumping off and being carried to the next by winds, and, wowza, the graphics for that, place and bosses, is stunning.  I’m going to have to raid just to see the incredible sights there will be to see.  (Unless there’s a dungeon version of the same place featuring the same graphics.)

(And note the new header, Honorus got lucky.  Last year he got the helm, this year the horse.  I think a land mount that looks like a land mount, but can also fly, will be very cool getting about place to place in the future Azeroth.)


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