Class Q&A at BlizzCon

Some amusing questions and answers.

One guys leads with “I’ve got 390 days played on my warrior, and I’ve got lots of achievements and I don’t want to waste my time rolling another character….” Say what?  390 days played in 6 years?  If my math doesn’t suck that’s four and a quarter hours a day every single day for those six years.  That’s an achievement alright.  He didn’t get much sympathy from the developers on the panel.  Ghostcrawler told him it was easy to level up, easier still with the heirlooms an advanced character could get.  You can have as many 80s as you need.

He’s absolutely right.  I’m not an advanced player by any stretch, but I’ve got 7 level 80 characters and my stash of heirlooms includes chest & shoulder chain for a hunter (yet to be created, so they’re still in their original packaging), chest & shoulder leather my yet-to-hit-80 Rogue is wearing, chest & shoulder plate, plus the pvp shoulder plate my Belf Paladin wore, my Death Knight wore, and now my Draenei Warrior wears, 1-hand dps mace, 1-hand dps sword, 1-h dps dagger, 2 each bloodied arcanite reapers, 1 dignified headmasters charge, and chest & shoulder cloth my goblin warlock and worgen mage will be sharing, along with the two discerning eyes of the beast trinkets.  (Other than the cloth and the headmaster’s charge, the rest of the heirlooms I’ll ship off to our alternate server for the use of the alts of my alts, that is unless they raise the number of characters per server to something more than 10.  (Blizzard: Please!).)  My Paladin acquired 2 full sets of gladiator gear, deadly & furious.  My warrior acquired the full deadly set, and part of the furious set.  My hunter and druid both acquired a mix of deadly and furious.  My death knight acquired a full set of T9 (except the helm, springing for the one-off higher ilevel version).  That’s what I’ve done, along with a lot of craft leveling, and in less than 390 days played.

390 days played on one character is a level of devotion to something I’m unfamiliar with.  (I also haven’t killed Arthas, so there’s that to consider, that my time spent is a bit more diluted that had I just focused on a single character.)

Anyway, it was funny how technical some of the questions got.  My lovely wife’s eyes glazed over, but she did get surprisingly far into the session bless her heart.

Anyway, and so c’mon, there’s resentment by some that you have to take a PVP talent in order to hit your 31 points?  Are you so focused on min-maxed greatness that forced less-than-best-in-slot talents are worth wasting a question at BlizzCon about?

Then there’s the snarky guy who really appreciated the new Druid Tree of Life form.  Really?  I think it looks like a block of wood now.  And the audience was booing, but I think they were booing the question asker for being snarky.  His original question was why weren’t racials identically equal in strength of effect. The panel otherwise responded that racials are there for flavor, they aren’t meant to be equal.  Some will be better than others.  Some races have hooves and horns, while others have bird feet with giant digits.  You pick your race, deal with it.

In plus news Combat Rogue DPS *is* too low and will be getting tweaked.  Negative news, Rogues currently MUST carry a dagger in their off-hand to ensure they aren’t nerfing their damage.

Paladins were a popular point of discussion.

Which reminded me of something I saw once on the Paladinsucks blog (retired June 2007).  It was a video for a WoW Designers Meeting, apparently at an off-site in the Sahara.  With subtitles for those who don’t speak machine language.

I wonder if Paladin players still believe this.


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One Response to Class Q&A at BlizzCon

  1. Galo says:

    lol, I remember seeing that Vid on You have had to be around a lot time to even remember that website. But yeah that video, believed it lol.

    Always said was never a fan much of achievement and never tried to go out my way to do any of them really other than what happened organically in the process of playing the game achieving something. Never meant as a player was a underachiever, far from it in the effort put in to do things.

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