Blinded by the light.

I’d never tried Boomkin spec.  I had some gear I cobbled together to try my hand at Druid Resto (never did), it’s got +Int, so I thought “What the heck.”  (Or whatever a Kaldorei Padawan of Cenarius might say.)

So I popped on some antlers, and did the Wrath, Wrath, Wrath … Starfire, Starfire, Starfire thing.  Then something called Starsurge. I’ve never hit anything for 10k+.  (Yes, call me a noob.)  I did tonight.  (Of course I haven’t reset my Shaman yet so perhaps his Elemental attacks are just as improved.)  The the solar and lunar eclipses.  Fun.

The built-in “Power Auras” are a nice touch.  The new tradeskill window is very MrTrader-esque.  I hope Blizzard takes care of the creators of those addons which they then adopt into the game.

About that light.  I was on the boat from Auberdine to Stormwind City and I noticed for the first time the so-called “Dynamic sunshafts.”  Nice, nice.  And the water properly reflects the background too.


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