I’ve done nothing wrong.  Trust me, I know what not to do.

I don’t share my password with anybody.  I can spot phishing attacks a mile away. “blizzardhackyouraccount.com” is a dead giveaway that this is a phishing site.

And yet I was hacked.

They left my Pally a mile above Wintergrasp to fall to his death.

They stripped what they could, sold my Edge of Ruin and Titansteel Destroyer on my two DPS, and who knows what else.  They sold the bags, and half the guild bank.  For some reason they’d didn’t decimate my personal bank accounts inventory.  And they took thousands in gold.

Follow on thoughts:

So after notifying the in-game and battle.net gm’s, and having breakfast, I realize something.

This isn’t a big deal.

I’m not raiding.  A guild isn’t dependent on me having wads of gold for consumeables, or being geared right.  Everything I have, I got on my own.  I work on something, I get something. 

Unlike the hackers, gold spammers, and the gold buyers that did this to me, I’ve got a work ethic.  I can recover.  I spent an evening collecting 200+ saronite ore to craft a set of savage saronite gear with all my eternals.  That’s all gone.  The ore, the eternals, everything.  But I’m not gone.  They didn’t delete my mounts.  They didn’t delete my hands.  … My engineer can craft another pick/hammer device and send it to my miner/blacksmith and he can make anything he could make before.  It’s not even a set back, if the time was spent calmly, flying about, collecting virtual things on a virtual character, listening to real music and enjoying being in the environment on the back of a virtual dragon.

I’d probably be happy with just a Worgen, starting out at level 1, and getting to the place where the big dogs run.  It’s the fun, not the stuff.


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8 Responses to Hacked.

  1. Ali says:

    I’m really sorry to hear this – I hope it works out for you.

  2. pockie says:

    I was hacked recently too, also no idea how it happened because my account has been inactive for a year. If I had a trojan they should have hacked me way before now.

    On the bright side, if you submit a form as instructed by Blizzard’s FAQ on being hacked, the GMs will restore all your items and gold in about a week. Its a bit of a pain to take a bajillion items out of the mailbox when you only have the default 16 slot bag, but it seems that everything was properly restored. So don’t worry about having to start from scratch.

    And I got a free Core Hound Pup pet out of it too since the hacker put an authenticator on my account as well as paying for a month’s subscription.

  3. Kinless says:

    Cool. Yeah I think two core hound pups are in our future too. Plus side, a DK in Tier 9, even with a blue faction reward weapon can knock out quests with the wife for substantial amounts of cash.

    As for when they may have gotten the password, I have zero idea when or how they did it. To date I’ve yet to find the smoking gun. I am getting rid of the gun collection though and trimming down exposure. It could be they just hold on the account, check on it every now and then, and then rob it when it’s gotten to a “harvest” point.

    You know the part that annoyed me most? They tossed the Oracle eggs I’ve been waiting all week to hatch. That was just spite. On the day they hatch, they deleted them. Man, that’s a black hearted soul there.

  4. Galo says:

    Sorry to hear about you getting hacked. Yet good to know your not taking it all too seriously.

    Do have to ask though if you were using a Authenticator. Whenever someone gets hacked in WoW that is always my very first thought. Were you using one and if not why not?

    Anyone invested in their character playing WoW should not be playing without using one on their account to keep it safe just in case this happens.

  5. Kinless says:

    No, not yet Galo. We will be picking a couple up shortly though.

  6. Windpaw says:

    Yeah – I got hacked about this time last year. They emptied my accumulated bank accounts, raided my guild bank and sold just about everything they could. Surprisingly though, they didn’t do any of the mean spirited crap like leaving your Belf to fall to his death – etc. It took me about 3 full weeks to get everything restored back to normal (including back into the guild bank). The lesson was learned though. My best bet is that my kids computer was where the hack originated. I have an iPhone so I picked up an authenticator app for it immediately. It’s a pain to use – but better than the alternative. Glad to hear you’re mostly restored now.

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