Three Plus Years

Has it been that long?  Since the Burning Crusade’s release?

Our two Draenei characters are in their 40’s right now.  (Have we been trapped in some mad wizard’s dream, unable to progress?)  Our Blood Elf Paladins are in their 60s and 70s.  Granted we’ve both got a couple of 80s as well.  (Maybe the cryogenic sleep on the flight of the Exodar has left some residual effect on them making them more lethargic than the revenge seeking Blood Elves.)

Three plus years.

As the two of us, our awaken Draenei, swam between the islands off Feralas I remembered it wasn’t forever ago that our two Druids did the same swim.  (The Druids are 80 now.)  (And the screenshot was posted as the header of my old blog on Blogspot, which I left two and half years ago for WordPress. )

And this evening I collected some Thorium and remembered the search for arcane crystals, when having them meant something.  Now they’re effectively vendor trash.

Remember Kargath?  That’s where we Horde amassed on our PvP server before we struck out for Upper Black Rock Spire. And later into Molten Core.  Multiple groups of 40-some people.  What a riot.  That scene will never be repeated again, will it?  I remember the whack-a-mole healing my Shaman did.  I remember the honor grind to maintain my reputation and rank in the battle grounds.  That’s what I did after I wasn’t raiding MC anymore.

I remember way back to my first character, my Night Elf Hunter.  How that cave with the spiders was kind of difficult (it seemed).  The next cave with the Satyr, and all where the Dreamers slept.  Wow, that’s going on five plus years ago.

And here we are, again.  The summer before the expansion hits.


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