ZOMG, it’s full of stars!

Kubrick’s too subtle sometimes.

But this mount, it’s not subtle.

ZOMG, it’s freaking full of stars!

And there’s a star in the center of the horse that’s producing more stars, from which they shoot out from, for an ever active star field effect.

Postscript: When I bought mine I started in a que of 148,000.  I kid you not.  And the recent WoW.com article says the same.  Either he had the same queue as me, or he had a whole other 148,000 ahead of him.  And how many such queues were there?  And what did this get Blizzard?  At $25 a pop, 148k is $3.7M.  Can you imagine?  “Let’s do star horse and buy a small country with the profits.”


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