Group oriented quest watch frames

The wife and I quest a lot together.  In fact it’s pretty much exclusively questing together.  I’ll tank odd runs with my Paladins, or run as DPS with my other characters, but she and I pretty much stay out of instances and kill rats and do other various adventurer type things.

About as close the game lets us track each other’s progress is the fact that the quest log will display how many *other* people in the party are on the same quest as you.

She’s my party member, so (1) is good.  Nothing is bad.  That’s Blizzards nod to party questing.  Raids they’ve got nailed.  (Go figure.  From which source does Blizzard earn most of it’s subscription fees?  Raiders or Questers?)

I also tend to level up faster than my wife does.*  My jewelcrafting Pally is level 71.  He’s been working the Dalaran quests since level 68 and is now 450 with his Jewelcrafting.  (So far I can cut all 3 primary colors of epic gems so far.  Red strength, blue stamina, and yellow critical strike chance.  And the blue dragoneye stamina cut.)  So he had to level up.  And he did a few quests in Howling Fjord, but not too many.  Because Halcyon, his partner, is level 65 and in the Outlands still, and she’ll want a partner to quest with.

And doing quests with only one person on the quest is awkward at best.  I’m always asking her what direction her quests objectives are.  How many rats does she have left to kill.

I’m using QuestMods as one add-on to help alleviate this.  It announces quest progress and completion.  But I’m still blind about where we need to go.  (And the view party members quests will display the log, but not the details.  “Quest not found” is the error I get in the quest details screen.)

I was using Tekkub’s Quecho to help questing together, but the changes to the watch frame in 3.3.3 appear to have broken it.  When it worked it would put the quest progress of your quest partner on the bottom of your own watch frame.  QuestMods presents it as raid text on the screen, but the Quecho version lingered a lot longer.

I think Blizzard ought to improve on this, to allow people a better experience playing together, even if one person is ahead of another in the quests.

*Though, boy howdy, her Night Elf Warrior just dinged level 60 and we’re into the Outlands.  (Again.)   This time her partner, my Night Elf Rogue, is only a few quests ahead of her.  (He just had to get to 60 in order to create a flying machine pretty much the day it was possible for level 60 characters to fly.)


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One Response to Group oriented quest watch frames

  1. Faeldray says:

    Have you tried out Carbonite? If you both have it, you can have the other person’s quests displayed to you, as well as where to go for the objectives in the little Carbonite map.

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