Jewelcrafting with Cojones

And, yes, I mean huevos.

My Paladin is my jewelcrafter.  And I’m kind of funny about my professions where I work to get them well developed as early as possible.  I typically can make things I can’t yet wear or use with all my professions.

Jewelcrafting Milestone = Level 65.  And it’s a big one.  It’s the level that you can start running the Dalaran JC dailies.  The ALL IMPORTANT JC dailies.  See every day you complete the daily they toss you a token.  Two, or three, or ten, tokens gets you recipes for the “good stuff.”  A token will also get you a dragon gem that you cut into some of the really, really nice, JC-only, gems.  (Cooking and the Dalaran Cooking Awards works the same way.)

So, upon dinging level 65 I did what any professional does: Start begging for a ‘port to Dalaran.  (The wife’s horde mage isn’t level 80.)  A teleport is arranged via a kindly Troll who dropped from the LFD tool to help me out.

The JC “guild” initiation is delivering to the JC daily guy some gems.  Msaker’s been mining and collecting gems and ore for over a year.  I’ve got a couple in hand.  Initiation done and I’m in.  Now the dailies begin.

So, each daily sends you out to kill a particular kind of mob for a drop.  It could be Scourge (BT, Warsong Hold area just above the “moat”), Vrykul (BT, Kaskala), Revenants (DB, lake east of Wyrmrest Temple), Dark Iron Dwarves (HF, near New Agamand), or Protodrakes (HF, Ember Clutch).  And this being Northrend, i.e. Level 68+, and you have no business being here, i.e. Level 65, it’s not trivial.  These locations are where I found the lowest level mobs of that type to drop the daily item you’re after.  If I get lucky the mob’s Level 68 (orange).  Or it’s mostly 69-71.  If you aggro a 2nd mob you’re probably dead, or you can bubble/vanish/fd/fear/blink-iceblock/HOT/pwn.  (Warriors are s.o.l..  Thunderclap and run I suppose.)

As a Protection Paladin, with 11k health (putting those dragon gems to use already), I slowly grind them down and get my drop.  Sometimes it’s one mob, sometimes it’s a handful.  Good exp for killing them (2k+ each), and then turning the daily in (13k).  (2x heirlooms.)  I haven’t missed a daily.

But why offer a quest at 65 that most couldn’t do solo at 65?  In a location you can’t get to without help.  In a land where nobody else is going to give you the time of day.  (I suppose I could start the Dalaran cooking dailies.  But I’ve got several master cooks and fishermen, so why bother with that?)  And I can’t use my (already bought) Tome of Cold Weather Flying until level 68.

I appreciate having something to do while the wife catches up with me levelwise, and the early opportunity to start collecting, and spending, tokens.


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