Many years ago I picked up and played The Elder Scrolls.  I don’t recall it having Arena appended so maybe I started the series with Daggerfall.  Then came Morrowind, which I tried.  When I met my wife she had played some Morrowind already as well.  When Oblivion came out I created a character and that was it.  The wife likes it but it seems there’s no computer good enough to play it in it’s fullest capacity with all bells and whistles engaged.

The thing with these games is the rats.  Not that you have to kill ten of them, of course you know you do, but that when you’re level 1, they’re level 1.  When you’re level 2, they’re level 2.  When you’re 10, they’re 10.  You never graduate from rats.  They go to the same kindergarten, junior high, prep school, and college that you do.  From what I’ve heard you can “beat” Oblivion at a very low level.  Because the entire world’s content levels up as you do.  Avoid leveling up and you can go beat the snot out of the final bosses who are still wearing diapers.

I don’t like that.  WoW’s got a bit of that.  You’ve got level 1, 2, and 3 boars in Shadowglen.  Then you’ve got boars in Westfall that are higher level.  Then you’ve got boars in the Blasted lands.  Then in Outlands.  Then in Northrend.  (Okay, they equipped them with horns finally.)  You think the boars in our reality are inherently more dangerous in Kazakhstan than they are in Kansas?

But the worst is Blizzard thinking of introducing Heroic versions of the Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep.

What is the point of that?

If you want a challenge then run those instances with a character of the appropriate level.  And in the appropriate gear for crying out loud.  Leave your heirlooms at home if you want a challenge.  Don’t have a character at the appropriate level anymore?  Create one.  It’s free and easy.

If you just want to get your revenge on Arugal for the crap all his son’s have pulled, then level up a bit more and go kick his butt personally.

But do we really need a Heroic version of these instances?  Are we missing them that much?  What, multiply health of the mobs by 100,000 and damage done by 1,000 and we’re good to go?

And, here’s the trend, you’re going to have to be in iLevel 355 gear to consider doing this.

It’s freaking Shadowfang Keep.  Everything else is left behind.  Leave these old instances alone and behind and move on.


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3 Responses to Scaling

  1. See I would love to go back into those places at the max level… but only if all the bosses were different. Maybe something else took over Deadmines after VC was killed. Different bosses and different mechanics… but to just have a max lvl version of the same dungeon I did when I was lvl 20 is stupid.

    I love the setting and instance design of those 2 dungeons… but fighting a higher lvl vancleef makes absouletly no sense at all. Make him undead and maybe i’ll be ok with it..

  2. dorgol says:

    I disagree. Heroic Deadmines will be a blast. Most Alliance players will tell you how important that first instance was – especially to use really old fogeys who have been around since Classic WoW.

    SFK I have a different view of, since I never ran it until I was level 60, but I assume most Horde players have a fond spot for that dark castle the same way I do for that damp cavern.

    That said, I don’t think Blizzard should go crazy and make heroic EVERYTHING. Treat Heroic DM and SFK like Onyxia (a brief trip for nostalgia) but don’t hit us with ALL the old content. Heroic Stockades? /snooze

  3. Ponder says:

    Another perspective is that the introduction of Dungeon Finder and its instance portal means all dungeons are now disconnected from the world.

    Like Battlenet for Warcraft 3, WoW is becoming a Play-a-Scenario game not a virtual world. From this view, it doesn’t matter if any dungeon is heroic.

    PS. Its a shame players can’t create their own dungeons.

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