Something new under the sun…

At least under the sewer grates.

The wife and I got our town outfits on and took a ride on the love boat.

I’m impressed by how much new they added to this yearly event.  And a new way of showing your affection for your leaders.  A new boss fight, aka “DPS looking for summons, you must have summons.”  And I picked up the picnic basket.

However, this boat ride through the Undercity tops it.  You can’t do much.  You can’t /kiss for example.  And if you /dance, you’re going to come to pieces.

And I love how the love boats here are modeled on Greek triremes complete with with back swept wings at the prow.

We haven’t seen Stormwind City yet.  They must have something similar.

Nice.  And definitely a reason for getting the finest out of mothballs and showing it off some.


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One Response to Something new under the sun…

  1. dorgol says:

    There were boats in Stormwind and Darnassus. I don’t think I saw anyone ever use them, though.

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