Tanking with phasers. What? Set to “Block?”

Over on Massively, STO for WoW Players, I find this gem.

Itemization and Class Balance

Right now the itemization looks okay. We haven’t seen much of the endgame, so we don’t know how well things are going to compare against one another – but at the lower levels it looks to be promising. Tanks behave like tanks, DPS behaves like DPS, and the support roles behave like they should.

Huh?  Blink blink.  Tanks behave like tanks?  DPS like DPS?  Support like they should?  I suppose that’s Healers?

Are they kidding?  Is that the best game paradigm they could come up with for Star Trek Online?  (Yes, they ALSO have 5-man instances to learn and farm.)

Destined to fail.  I’m sorry.  I like Star Trek better than most.  I thought the idea of Star Trek Online fairly interesting.  It’s a sci-fantasy world in which to virtually entertain ourselves.  Even better that it’s online and we can engage with other real people doing so.  (People can be as much fun as they are anethema’s to all that’s good.)

But that’s the best Cryptic came up with?  The “Holy Trio” of fantasy MMO’s?  Tank-DPS-Heals?

I’m going to tank with phasers?

… Okay, okay.  I’m calming down a little bit.  Obviously I’m thinking MMORPG; and the “RPG” in MMORPG is not for Rocket Propelled Grenade, but rather Role-Playing Game.  So they think I’ll be taking on a “Role” and since I’m human I’d naturally associate assuming a “role” as then playing something human, humanoid, or at least some living being anthropomorphized.  So, naturally, I’m wondering “How do I tank with a phaser?”  And does the Star Trek Universe even include shields ala Dune (which required blades to defeat, i.e. high-fantasy in a sci-fi setting).

So, no.  The primary, and as I understand it, the best, “fighting” in STO occurs when you assume the “role” of a starship.  Your capital ships, I guess, being the tanks, the frigates the DPS, and the support ships the “healers.”

I don’t know.  How many will find assuming the role of a “capital ship” (or whatever their “Tank” class will be) and flying around the universe, “On a five year mission,” fun?

I may download a free test version, if they ever offer one, to check it out.  But a purchase, probably not.  I wish them luck though.  It was an interesting concept to try to bring out.

After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting.  It is not logical, but it is often true.


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One Response to Tanking with phasers. What? Set to “Block?”

  1. spinks says:

    I don’t think they really explained that very well. The big ‘tank’ cruisers are larger and don’t turn so fast, but have lots of banks of shields and tend to be good at controlling other ships and trying to keep them away from the more vulnerable members of the fleet via good tractor beams and laying mines. The ‘dps’ escorts are smaller, nimbler ships with heavy firepower. And the ‘support’ science ships do have some abilities to boost shields on friendly ships but they can also target enemy subsections like warp drives to try to make surgical strikes.

    I’m still not sure how it will play out, and it does sound a bit tank/heals/dps but I’m not quite sure how it works in practice yet.

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