I too thought WTF?

Second time I confronted Bronjahm in Forge of Souls I heard the music.  (First time I confronted him:  “Man, I hope I don’t die.  Follow their lead.  What’s that?  Wait, what’s that?  What’s *that.*  Is that dangerous?  What’s that?”)

And I was thinking, 2nd time paying a visit, “What on earth is that playing?  It’s not my music.  It *is* music.  It can’t be in-game.  How on earth am I listening to someone else’s mp3s on their machine?”

And Bronjahm himself is pretty hip.  Oh yeah, “gimme hip.”

This is a fairly different direction taken musically from a lot of the previous content.  By “fairly different” I mean born of different mothers on different planets with entirely different biological make-up.  One being carbon-based, the other being IFG-based.

The music in the Grizzly Hills is some of my favorite in the game, in any game.

But from the mournful Uilleann Pipes of the Grizzly Hills to the Dirty Sax in the Ice Crown Citadel, they’ve gone a long way.  Too long.

It’s a fantasy game.  And, yeah, there’s a lot of in-game references to popular culture.  But they’re here and there and somewhat isolated little gems.  But now, up in ICC, there’s the Godfather of Soul taking you down, to the accompaniment of soul music? … That’s a little too unsubtle for me.

And, please, let there be no truth to the rumors that L85ETC is writing the soundtrack, no matter how appropriate the title may be, for the Cataclysm expansion.  But with Goblins in charge, who knows our direction; trapped behind the Greymane Wall might feel like a blessing.


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5 Responses to I too thought WTF?

  1. Chawa says:

    Bwahhaaha! I don’t think you can’t notice that distinct music – and it’s quite “WTF is that!” when you first hear it! Thanks for the links – it’s fun to listen to his music without worrying about position.

  2. Lassirra says:

    I don’t often play with game music turned on since I’m usually busy with my own music or the tv on, but I turned it on this weekend for some reason.

    I happened to run Forge of Souls a few times because I was hoping to pick up the Tower of the Mouldering Corpse, and lo and behold, sure enough, I reacted exactly the same way to Bronjahm. “What the heck is that? Is that my music? No, can’t be, it’s not on. Where’s that coming from? Is that the game music?! Holy crap, that’s neat!!”

    I got the collector’s edition when I picked up this expansion, so I have the soundtrack. I like a lot of the music in-game, but not enough to want to listen to it over and over and over again, especially when I could just listen to my own stuff as the spirit moves me. But the music in Forge of Souls, that was truly awesome. I’ll be spending more time listening to the in-game music as a result.

  3. Skarlarth says:

    When I first faced the “Godfather of Souls” I have the music turned down but the FX up so heard his sayings and reactions to hits, I had a big smile and a couple laughs.

    But it was not until a week ago until I had the music turned up and had a similar reaction to you… What IS this… heh, heh, cool.

    It is the most blantant popular culture refernce and not sure how I feel about it, it is a bit more obvious than my other favorites:
    1) The hatch with the number sequence in Sho Basin complete with “X-files-y” music
    2) Poison vendor “Saffron Reynolds” in Grizzly Hills.
    But not so bad that I dislike it.

    Oh and wholeheartedly agree, I feel the Grizzly Hills Music is best in the game, period.

    Skarlarth and Company

  4. Kinless says:

    The hatch numbers reference wasn’t lost on me, but I’m not picking up on the Saffron Reynolds reference. (Ah, a little research and I see the vendor only needs a firefly pet from Zangarmarsh.)

  5. There is haris pilton and ophera windfury just to mention a few. I don’t mind pop culture references at all. If you don’t get the reference then it is just a name and if you do then usually its a good chuckle. As far as the godfather of souls… its ICC why can’t they have soul music? Who is to say the scourge like the type of music you hear in the rest of the game hmm? Wait why is there music at all when i’m flying around grizzly hills???

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