Nerd Rage Revenge?

So, what’s up with the instant-queue tanks bailing on all the runs?

Is it amusing to queue up, get 4 random people suckered into an instance, and immediately quit group and leave the instance?

That’s 15 minutes I can’t requeue for another run.  There’s like 5 tanks, out of 11 million players, in the 70-79 level range.

Or do tanks decide “There’s nothing for me in this instance but stress and more than 15 minutes of work.  I’ll drop group, wait 15 minutes, and instantly have another group in possibly another instance, one with something I want.  If not, I’ll drop group again, wait another 15 minutes, and try again.”

So then we finally do get a tank that sticks around.  Troll Warrior.  We clear the Nexus.  Towards the end there’s some inside conversation going on.  The Resto Shammy says something unkind towards the tank.  Once Kele’s down, the instance is complete, the Mage and the Shammy call her, the tank, a fag and then drop group.  WTF was going on? She’d said nothing the entire run.  Had done a great job holding mobs and we had no deaths.  She deserved that?

Or are we now insulting the folks willing to tank because they have instant queues and the rest of us wait upwards of 30 minutes or more?  And that’s causing them to just bail than deal with it?

I’ve got plate.  Maybe they’ve got alts.


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2 Responses to Nerd Rage Revenge?

  1. Rohan says:

    The first tank bailing might because one of the other group mates is using them to to skip the queue.

    Tank + dps queues up, get’s an instant group, and then the tank drops out, but the group is now first in line for the next tank that signs up for the Dungeon Finder.

    Not sure what’s happening if you have tanks after the first bailing. Or maybe those other people in your group have a rep for being insulting.

  2. Windpaw says:

    The LFG tool has introduced me to a whole *world* of asshats I didn’t know existed in WoW. I started a little dwarven Pally a while back. When he hit 34 I respecced him prot and have been tanking 4-5 random old world dungeons a day ever since. So far everyone has been pretty appreciative to just have a tank. I’m waiting for that day when they’re not.

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