Bad Attitude is Bad

Three new folks later in our Halls of Stone run and I had to laugh.

The first person left because they were called to dinner.  Apparently by Mommy.  After needing for an off-spec item, purple no less.  Not before posting the one fight where they happened to top the damage output list.  (I didn’t want to embarass sonny by posting the overall damange report for the instance.)  So off went sonny boy, to eat dinner.

The second person that left our group was a Warlock.  When the Tree Druid encouraged the Prot Warrior to chain pull, Halls of Stone, he didn’t stop.  We’re in that location with the little crystal mobs and the dwarves… Well one of the crystals aggrod on the ‘lock.  By now the Warrior was already 2 mob groups ahead of everyone.  I’m a Blood Spec DK, I have a 2-mob AoE so I keep up with the tank.  I could have deathgripped the mob off the Warlock, but tanks get pissy, and I mean pissy like sissy little girls, when you aggro or taunt something on purpose, so to heck with that.  Warlocks under the care of the Warrior.  I mean, the Warlock didn’t die, the loose mob died, so no harm done.  But the Warlock said in chat “You forgot one back here.”  The Warrior responds “You shouldn’t have aggro’d it.”  Warlock comes back with “Huh?”  And drops group.  We four-manned the boss.

DPS being dime a dozen we had an instant replacement.  Who was annoyed that he was getting 2 badges less for the run.  Tough timing.  But it wasn’t long before the Warrior states “Hunter no pull.  I’ll pull.”  “?” is the Hunter’s response.  Bye bye hunter.

So we’ve replaced 3 DPS now in 3 runs.  And we had a different healer each time as well.

I don’t know.  This Warrior had the personality of a jackass.  Unguilded.  Likely to remain so, despite the gearing up he’s been doing via pugs.

Civility costs nothing.  You can give it out for free.  Try it sometime.

P.S. And it’s no fluke.  The Oculus appears to be far easier than before.  4 runs, 4 runs complete.  Twice with the all Ruby Drake + land based Healer, and twice with the standard 2+2+1 setup.  Easy loot.


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3 Responses to Bad Attitude is Bad

  1. Mia says:

    I tend to get pissy like a sissy when other people pull before me when I’m tanking. “you pull it, you tank it” is my motto. I’m not one of those waiting-for-30-seconds-between-pulls kind of tank though, I like chain pulling and stopping when I think the healer isn’t ready. DPS can sit and eat/drink while I tank a mob. Healer doesn’t need to heal them up after a rez. If the healer has enough mana for the next pull, I’ll tank it. If not, then I’ll stop till s/he does.

  2. If you were a tank back playing the game in tBC or even remember playing the game back in tBC you know for sure things are much much different to then. Tanking is different, heroics is different, everyone has as much aoe as stars in the sky to throw around carelesly with lack of skill to use. It’s a much different era in WoW today and game is brain dead easier than it was back in tBC.

    I for one miss tBC era of things, though not all things easier. What I miss is the thought that went into doing things or trying to execute a surgical pull, or a pull where no aoe was used or a pull when you pulled one mob the rest of mobs aggro’d to the healer and rest of group and did nasty stuff to people. I missed the times when if you were a impatient dps and decided to pull before the tank the mob parthed and killed the impatient bastard in a blink of a eye a maybe wiped the group as well just as fast in pure chaos. I really missed tBC era mob tactics in heroics when mobs in groups and pulls made your life utter chaos. I missedthe time when being able to use CC or even remember what that even means was a artform and skill to master on the fly and instantly know how to use when you saw a loose mob anywhere and you had the power to do something about it.

    Now not allow of people want the game challenging or want to go back to the brutal days of tBC era heroic tactics. I kinda wish Blizzard would in some little way! And the reason I say all that I said above is because since the new LFD system been in place you seen more stupidity in WoW than you believed was even possible.

    Today because dps have to wait a few mins to Q and tank and healers Q like almost instantly you see allot of wanabe Tanks that have no know how in how to properly do things and many new tanks because gearing up is so fast and easy that now have blatant piss poor attitudes and complete disrespect for their group in their care and with complete lack of group comunication and leadership ability. You see tanks that don’t know how to pull or pull poorly and other people die or take lots of unecessary damage. You also seeing people pulling when no tank around or group or healer not even ready. People these days so impatient they get pissed at everything. Tanks have bad attitudes and not exercising any good group skills, dps gets pissed at things and healers too intolerant to put up with any or much stupidity. The times we are in is a bit out if control and needs some balancing to return to some good sense of good group dynamics and propped teamwork.

    I guess on the big reason I missed the era that was tBC. Because back then it took communication, co-operation, teamwork, skill and some good group leadership to do things in Heroics as well as raids but refering to group dynamics in heroics now compared to back then.

  3. Kinless says:

    I don’t ever deathgrip in the instance, except for very very select times. Once in Nexus the tank ran ahead of the group. Way ahead of it. Since I always shadow the tank, being melee DPS, I was right there with him. So we’re taking on the Dragonkin patrol in the hall. He’s tanking, I’m dpsing, but his health is dropping. At the 25% point I decide “He’s tanked enough. I will take over, and by then the group will finally be here and they can heal us.” So I deathgripped, which acts as a taunt, and held it till the group arrived. If the tank had died, and he was on track to, I’d be tanking the rest of the mob anyway, and the group would be waiting for the tank’s ghost to return to the instance.

    Another time is, as you mention, me being helpful by pulling the caster mob (I can spot them. They’re the one with mana bars and cast bars quickly filling up below them.) back to the group where the tank’s aoe will catch hold of them.

    And, yes, once I did pull a mob to us as an honest mistake. I’ve got dg on my 1 key, and my diseases on 2 and 3, and I accidently dg’d something the tank was very unhappy with. But I think it was on purpose, it was a caster I thought might be better with us, then ranged and firing uninterrupted. But that was the tank who wanted no help in doing his job.

    And, aye, instance rushing nowadays is all AoE. The tanks AoE with shockwave or consecration or swipe or d&d. The melees AoE with whirlwind, bladestorm, fan of knives, swipe, deathstrike, d&d. The ranged and casters aoe with volleys and blizzards and firestorms.

    It’s all about gathering trash together, and torching it. Rinse and repeat. Occasionally tanks will GASP line of sight a group to them. And, I’ll honestly admit, I’m thinking to myself “This is going to take forever.” What might once have been a great tactic pre-tbc is today viewed as an unnecessary expenditure of time.

    But, I’m nothing if not patient, and have the title to prove it. I let the tank and the healer set the pace.

    And I think I’ve been really rather lucky with groups. I’ve not encountered anything disastrously terrible yet.

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