Oculus Easier?

I’ve had the Oculus come up twice now since the cross-realm Pug-Fest began.

On the first visit our Healer was shot out of the sky by Dragons and dropped group.  The Paladin dropped group.  The Rogue said “Re-Queue” and then dropped group.  As did the last of them.  “What the hell.”

Last night was my 2nd visit.  This is after the “changes” were made.  One notable change with the “personal loot bag” you get.

So, our Healer is a Druid this time.  First time they’d been there.  (She died when the Mage Lord ‘ported and she failed to get behind a column.  And she headed one direction while we pulled him another, and … well, it was her first time.)

But shortly and easily enough we stood before Eregos, 2 red drakes, 2 amber, 1 green.  I was on a red drake.  I pretty much moved like I do when on a tournament horse, firing and moving.  I ran from the floaty balls.  I got close to the healer to get my health back.  I fired, and fired some more.  I evaded when I had the charges.

End result: Eregos dead, Heroic mode, first try, noobs on board (me included).

We open our bags.  I got 3 red gems and 2 badges.  The warrior got an Azure Drake.  Sweet to be him.

Did they make the Oculus fight easier?  This isn’t an exercise in DPS pwnage, but the ability to use vehicles to their fullest, doing things when they needed to be done.

But I’m glad we got ‘er done.

And, in the future, should the Oculus come up again, I know for a fact that it’s not difficult.  Stick it out in the instance,  play smart, and collect your Azure Drake mount.


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2 Responses to Oculus Easier?

  1. Not allot of people even know changes were made to the instance with the new bag sac they have to loot from the chest. I did it earlier today and had to remind people to even loot the chest.

    But yes the place is very easy and people still quitting on zoning into the instance.

  2. Ngita says:

    The current version of occulus is about occulus E or perhaps F.

    Yes each of the versions has been a nerf.

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