I need to read the Patch Notes better.

I was over reading Tobold’s blog and he mentioned mailing his heirlooms cross faction to another character of his.

Now, I did read where that was planned for the future, this mailing of heirlooms across faction lines to yourself, but I didn’t realize it was already available.

See, recently I’ve been working on some faction reps to get access to the BoA Head and Shoulder Enchants.  Arcanum of Torment from Knights of the Ebon Blade, etc.

Now I was thinking I was going to have to level up folks of each faction to the right reputation level, Revered or Exalted in some cases.

Well, according to Tobold, and some Patch Notes somewhere, that’s not the case.  No.

Did the rule for Heirlooms apply to any other Bind on Account item?

My Blood Elf Death Knight got Revered with the Knights of the Ebon Blade and picked up two of the head enchants.  One for himself, one for my Orc Warrior.  Before applying it to his own equipment my Orc Warrior mailed it to my Human Paladin instead.  Mail delivered, enchant applied.


Because I have access to a BoA with one character, all characters regardless of faction can have it now.

It also means my Draenei Warrior will be dual wielding Arcanite Reapers.  (I’d wanted to do that anyway.  And seals are easy enough to get and I’ve got four Crusaders so why not?)

I have *GOT* to read Patch Notes better!

Less time farming reputation and seals, more time Pugging and leveling.



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3 Responses to I need to read the Patch Notes better.

  1. Mia says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I don’t read patch notes. My husband reads them for me.

  2. To spend 15 mins reading the patch notes is invaluable. Really not too long to read to save you lots of time or wasted effort or reward you in investments knowing things others don’t read.

  3. Windpaw says:

    You know what *really* makes me happy? That thanks to that patch I no longer have to do the Son’s of Hodir Rep grind on any other character….unless I really, really want to….which I really, really don’t 🙂

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