We have to do it every day.

After our walk today, in a matter of fact tone, I mention to my lovely wife: “You know.  We have to do it every day.”

She thought that was funny.

And into Sethekk Halls we went.  Again.

As it turned out, this very day was to be our last day.


Turned out the Raven God has a twin brother.  And he’s also broken to the saddle.

This is really rather cool.

(And with 20 badges, that means 19 tries for 2 mounts.)

And I couldn’t have done it without my loving wife.  Thanks, dear!


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3 Responses to We have to do it every day.

  1. windpaw says:





    Too cool – congrats!!!

  2. dorgol says:

    It took me 17ish tries on my Druid. I’ve even managed to summon Anzu with my Druid and then kill him on my Paladin. He didn’t drop the mount, though. It’s a hassle to do that so I haven’t tried since…

    Maybe I will…

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