Nobody comments when you’re on top

The new Looking for Dungeon tool has been working really very well.  I’m using it to get level up some while I save the quests to do with my wife.

Some things I’ve noticed:

1) Most all the Tanks I’ve run with in these random instance have been Paladins.  I’ve had one Warrior tanking, and one Druid tanking (and we finished both instances as well.)  But, for the most part, it’s been Paladins tanking.  They have the perhaps unique ability to allow DPS to be as messy, sloppy, over-aggroing as they want.

2) Death Knights don’t tank. Not pre-80 it seems.  I’ve yet to run with another Death Knight, much less see a Death Knight tanking.  I thought DK’s were supposed to be everywhere?  (Once, a long time ago, on another character, we had a DK tanking.)  But why the dearth of DK’s in the LFD random instances?  Are they all 80 and tanking Heroics?

3) I’ve seen every kind of healer healing.  Priests, Druids, and Shamans.  Ah.  I guess I can say I’ve never seen a Holy Paladin heal an instance yet.  (I guess they’re all busy tanking.)

3) Nobody complains about DPS, or Heals, in these groups.  Both have always been good enough to complete anything I’ve entered into.  (Every instance in the Level 68 to Gundrak range.)  I did see a Paladin quit when the level 80 Huntard refused to take his pet off Growl.  We were in a mid-70’s instance, and we were all mid-70’s except the Hunter.  But, otherwise, DPS and Heals have always been fine.  If you’re not wanting to test the waters, afraid others will let you down, don’t worry.  It’ll be fine.  Carry your weight and you’ll get to see a lot of Emblems.

4) People who tend to post Damage/DPS charts in party chat are the ones on the top of those charts.  I don’t post those though.  And I’ve never not been on top.   So I don’t see a lot of comments about damage or DPS levels or such.  (On the other hand the last Paladin tank did comment on our Rogues performance.  He swapped weapons and improved I think.  I just concern myself with the dark red bar maintaining a comfortable lead on top.)

My dungeon running Death Knight is blood spec  now.  And I’m no longer worrying about dropping death and decay or pestilence and bloodboil to maximize “aoe” damage.  I do use pestilence, and then just heartstrike my blood runes away.  Attacking two targets well is better than a lot of targets poorly.

It’s been fun.  And I’m seeing a lot of instances this way.


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4 Responses to Nobody comments when you’re on top

  1. spinks says:

    I think the reason you don’t see DK tanks is that the dungeon finder tries to avoid having two people of the same class in the group.

    • Kinless says:

      Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that. It does seem to make groups that have only been one of each class. But then it throws you 3 plate wearers and you’re thinking: I should have rolled a Hunter. 🙂

  2. Aleve says:

    My priest is level 67, about to be 68, and I’ve been grouped with nothing but DK tanks. Worst part about it is they’re utterly terrible.

    I really enjoy the tool, however I really dislike getting in groups with tanks who aren’t geared or spec’ed to tank.

    • Kinless says:

      I’m hesitant to try tanking (again) because it is a responsibility. I gravitate to classes that can tank, and my Warrior tanked into Karazhan as an off-tank, but it was becoming more work than fun, and others seem to enjoy the role so I switched to DPS. (Ret/Arms/Cat/Blood.) Happily my DK has been #1 on every damage chart of every instance I’ve been in (26 Triumph badges, plus all the extra runs (getting a Sigil of Virulence as soon as I ding 80 is nice)), and usually by a large margin, so I think I’m doing a decent job of it. I’m getting close to seeing some Heroics so that will be the real test of things.

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